May 5, 2013

MMM'13 week one wrap-up

Hey-o! How was everyone's week one of MMM'13? I'm satisfied with my showing thus far, despite the fact that I pledged four days per week and only did three. It was a mini week so I'm cutting myself some slack. Besides, I totally could have dressed in something me-made on Saturday but I was grumpy and couldn't be bothered to take a picture or care about what I was wearing, so I just decided to skip it. Whatever- moving on!

So I kicked off MMM'13 with my newly olive Butterick trench dress. You might recall that this dress (B5598) started it's life more army green-ish, but an unfortunate accident left some spotting at the hem from the not-so-color-friendly stain remover. I bathed it in two bottles of RIT black, and now it's a nice deep olive green, which was a totally pleasant surprise. I didn't really want a black trench dress, but I didn't know what else to do. And since the topstitching was already black, this new darker shade works great. I just had to change out all eleventy million buttons to black, and it was good to go.

May 1

I love this dress! It's super comfortable and the pockets are awesome and I love that the bright (still) watermelon (it didn't take a speck of dye- that's all poly right there!) lining peeks out just a bit at the sleeve. It's such a fun surprise, and the colors are great complements.

On Thursday I pulled out an old standby. It's my tried and true New Look 6030 denim skirt, and I paired it with a favorite orange beaded cardigan and my fave Miz Mooz boots.

May 2

This outfit is pretty much quintessential Tiffany. I wear this look in one way or another many days, just mixing up the cardigan with another much like it, or trading the skirt for another much like it, or maybe switching to jeans. It's not a terribly exciting style, but I guess it is what it is. Comfortable and not completely slovenly. That's my goal! Also my badass vintage leather moto jacket is new and was my treat to myself when I started my new job. I foresee it being worn to death over many years, and those are the kind of items that I'm happy to invest in.

I followed up with a decidedly less "me" look on Friday. It's a Lisette Portfolio top that I made what feels like forever ago now out of a lightweight bedspread from Urban Outfitters. I seem to only wear this top once or twice a year, and not because I don't like it, I swear! It comfy and well-made, but there's just something about it that makes me leave it hanging in the closet.

May 3 (with toddler photo-bomb!)

And look how sweet Junie is! She saw the tripod come out and she walked right over and struck a pose. Adorable!

Hooray! We made it through the first week- just four more to go! And thank god for that, because I still haven't finished my first of four promised new garments. But four weeks is practically a whole month, so there's still hope! How's it going for you? I'm behind on reading, but I can't wait to see how everyone's getting their MMM on!