peep my space

Wanna look? Here's a tour of my (much cleaner than usual) sewing room on flickr.

And because I'm always curious about other seamsters' favorite tools:

I sew on a Brother Innov-is 950D. It's an okay machine with plenty of bells and whistles, but it's not my dreamboat. My serger is the ever-popular Brother 1034D. Again, a perfectly suitable machine for my needs, but not the ultimate. Someday, I would love to upgrade to a Pfaff machine with IDT. Do you have it? Do you love it? And even though I figured out my serger long ago and could probably thread it with my eyes closed, I can't help but be enchanted by those Jet-Air threading Baby Locks. A girl can dream, right?

One of my other favorite sewing tools is Milly, a Dritz My Double Deluxe. I recently treated myself to a Fabulous Fit Dress Form System for her for my birthday, but I'll admit that I haven't gotten her put together yet. I'm telling myself that it's because I'm only six-ish weeks postpartum and I should wait for my body to "come back." Problems are A: it's as back as it's likely to get any time soon, and B: the truth is I just don't know where to start! I'm a little intimidated by all those pads!

I will also never do without a sharp seam ripper like this one. Yes, it looks more suited to surgery than sewing, but seriously, it's the best thing ever. Mine was a gift from hubby for Christmas a few years back, because nothing says love like a sharp instrument, right?

My other secret weapon? Water Soluble "Wonder Tape". I use this stuff to "baste" knits and in lieu of pins sometimes in tricky spots. No more shifting seams, no more stretched out necklines. It's a lifesaver! I used to think that tools like this were crutches for people who couldn't do things properly on their own, but then I got smart and realized that these tools are created by professionals for professionals. This new mindset has changed the way I sew, and has made for nicer results.

All right. Now you know all my secrets! What are your favorite tools? What about your machine(s)? Do you love it, or are you biding your time until you save enough pennies for the real deal?